Friday, January 29, 2010


There are about six billion people in the world today, out of which we have less than five hundred thousand billionaires. There are many millionaires, but the fact remains that majority of the people are still struggling to achieve financial freedom. In other words, the bulk of the world’s financial resources are concentrated in few hands. It is therefore important to learn the secrets that are common to these rich individuals with the expectation that if we practice their secrets we shall be rich.
The secrets are as follows:
1. The rich people are great investors
2. They had a goal of becoming rich
3. Each had a product or idea which brings money
4. They are willing to start small
5. Each had a global vision
6. They were not afraid of taking risks
7. They are great savers

Monday, January 18, 2010


Making money on the internet is very simple provided one knows how to go about it. Google trends, which is found at shows the list of one hundred topics or words or products being searched for on google at a particular time.
Below are the steps necessary to be able to make money from the google trends:
1. Type the google trend address into the browser and press the enter key: You are instantly taken to the list of one hundred mostly searched for words on google. These 100 words are arranged according to the volume of search they received, that is, from the highest to the lowest searched word. Having known that each of these words received millions of searches everyday, the next things is to find how to convert this traffic into money making system .
2. Pick one of the words in the list. It could be a product, a person or a familiar word. You may go further to carry out more research on, and wikipedia. Through this activity, you will be able to know more about the chosen word.
3. Go to or any other websites where they provide free blog and open a free blog. The name of the blog should contain the chosen word or the product that was selected in step two above.
4. Generate contents for the blog: Start generating contents based on the product or the word which you selected. Do this consistently. After generating contents for sometime, you can apply for the adsense programme. Google will display relevant adverts on your blog based on the content
5. Generate traffic to the blog: Since the word is one that is popularly being searched at the moment, quality traffic will divert some of these net visitors and they will end up on your blog where they can see the adverts.
The following are ways to generate traffic to your blog:
- Article writing
- CPC Advertising
- Submission of blog to blog directories
- Use of social networking sites such as Diggs, Twitters, facebook, and Stumbleupon, etc.

Monday, January 4, 2010

6 Quick Tips to Reduce Family Expenses on Feeding

The amount of money at our disposal is very important, but what is more important is the percentage that is saved and invested.This article looks at strategies to reduce expenses on feeding while having more for investment.The following proven tips will help to achieve that:

1. Buying of food in bulk: The practice of buying things in bulk has the advantage of reducing the unit price of the items purchased.
2. Budgeting family expenses: The family needs a budget of how the income within the month would be spent. This practice prevents impulse purchases and it ensures that the money is spent for the very necessary items.
3. Spending less than the amounts actualy budgeted.: In Africa where majority of the people are farmers, food items are usually cheaper during harveting seasons. These foods could be bought and preserved when they are very cheap.
4. Avoid wasting food: With experience, one should be able to know the amount of food that will be sufficient for the household. Excess food should be re-used or there should be no excess at all.
5. Avoid credit purchases as much as possible: From my own experiences, buying things and paying cash is relatively cheaper on the long run.
6. Avoiding impulse or spontaneous purchases: Effort should be made to stay within the budget that was prepared.
If these tips are followed, it will go a long way to reduce un-necessary expenses on feeding.