Sunday, February 24, 2013


I love the book titled "THE RICHEST MAN IN BABYLON". It summarises the basic steps one needs to take in order to succeed financially. According to the author, the steps are as follows:
1. Regular saving of one tenth of total income: This step is very crucial because developing this habit marks the beginning of financial success. An individual that cannot save money can hardly break-even in his fianances. To be free from debt,one needs to develop the habit of saving. Do you want to learn money making system that cannot fail? Visit this website for more information.
2. Control your expenses by budgeting: For saving to become a habit,it is important to make a budget that will help you to truly gauge you expenses against your income.
3. Invest your savings: Having saved some money,the next step is to invest the money to yield more. When this is done on regular basis,one can be sure to become rich soon and one would be out of debt.
4. Protect your investment from loss:Make sure that your capital will not be lost in any venture you invest in.You may need to consult those people who have invested in such ventures before you invest
5.Build your own house: When you build your own house, you are free from paying house rent and this will free more money which you can further invest
6. Plan for a future income: Your ability to make money decreases with age. You need to invest money such that you will be receiving income from those sources when you can no longer work as hard as when you are young.
7. Get new skills which will enable you to earn money: There is no doubt that we are paid for the skills which we acquire.To earn more money,get new skills.

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