Sunday, February 16, 2014


Looking at the extent of poverty all over the world, one would feel like envying the rich people of this world. Instead of envy however, it is better to find out what the rich people know and do with the aim of copying these things so that we ourselves can be rich like them. Below are some of the things i find out:
1. Rich people believe in abundance: The rich people believe that the world is filled with great abundance. This help them to do away with poverty thinking. Is it strange that they are rich?
2. Rich people decided to be rich: Many of the rich people made a conscious decision to be rich. This is what Napoleon Hill called desire in his book titled THINK AND GROW RICH.
3. Rich people surround themselves with rich people: They associate with people who sympathize with their goals. They are ready to learn from others that are already rich
4. Rich people have more than one source of income: In the book MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME, Robert G. Allen showed how important it is for individuals to have more than one source of income. He identified various avenues where these streams ould be created.
5. They set goals of investing instead of spending: According to Robert G. Allen in his book whih i referred to above, rich people value money. They treat money as seed which could be planted to yield more money.
From these points raised above it is very clear why the rich people are rich and if we can cultivate these habits we shall be rich also.

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