Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Howard Whitman asked 2 questions about  success: 1. Do others feel you are a success? 2. Do you see yourself as a success:? He contended that you will not enjoy success if you only based it on other people"s opinion . You should be able to feel and think that you have actually succeeded.You should set goals which you intend to achieve and map out strategies to achieve the goals. The goal setting consist of the following steps:
1. Decide on what you really want in life. This should cover every area of your life.
2.Break that desire into smaller goals and set specific time to achieve each
3. Arrange the goals according to their priority
4. Begin at once to work on the goals, avoid procrastination as much as possible.
5.Periodically evaluate yourself to measure your progress
6. Find ways to reward your efforts when you achieve any of the smaller goals.
If these spteps are consistently followed you will become a success in all area of life. I said in all areas of life because it is good to achieve balance in all areas. Read this important book as to get more points on success

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