Saturday, February 20, 2010


Making money these day has become easy and straightforward with the advent of the computer and Internet facilities. This article highlights ways of making money with your website or your blog.
1. Selling information products in digital downloadable formats: Most internet users are looking for information on one topic or the other. You will surely make money by providing the required information. It could be in form of short reports, ebooks, ecourse, etc.
2. Selling services: If you have a skill which can be turned into money, the blog or website is a good place to show yourself forth. Examples of such services include web design, graphics design, article writing, logo design, etc. Get a full list of profitable topics to blog on here .
3. Affiliate marketing: You may sign up to sell other peoples products on your website. Examples of popular websites where you can sign up as affiliate are commission junction, clickbank and To make your affiliate campaign a success, get relevant tips here.
4. Selling advertising space on your website or blog. To make this a success, you must be able to generate a lot of traffic to your blog or website. You can then approach other companies that will be willing to advertise on your website or blog. A typical example of this is the adsense programme. For low cost methods of generating quality traffic to your website or blog, visit this blog now and get the details. You may also develop your own newsletter and sell advertising space.
5. Get paid to take surveys, read emails, etc. Though the money is small, yet it could prove substantial if you have access to many surveys and emails.
6. Develop and sell the blog or website: Register a domain name, develop the blog or website, put relevant contents and generate traffic. Once the traffic level is high enough, sell the blog or website.
7. Set up a membership site: Set up a membership site on your website and members pay subscription fees to join

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