Saturday, February 20, 2010


Do you have a passion for blogging? Are you interested in turning your passion into financial gain? I bring you the good news that your passion can actually be turned into profit. For a list of tools needed for profitable internet business click here now. This article lists 7 websites that are ready and willing to pay you handsomely for blogging. Read along and enjoy yourself.
1. Be a guide at : Here you will work at your own schedule. In other words, you can combine a full-time job with blogging. If you are interested, go to the website and register.
2. : To make money, you need to create an account with them. You will create another account for the google adsense programme. Log in and post content on your blog with the blogburner website. The more frequently you write, the better. They will serve adverts on pages that contains your articles. Half of the time they make money on the adverts and half of the time you make money.
3. : They host your blog free, they also provide you with readers and the necessary traffic. They expose your adsense adverts to traffic 90% of the time. Go here for a list of other internet businesses you can start now.
4. : Here you will work with other writers or bloggers and make money in the process. Go there right now and sign up.
5. : This is another website where you are paid for blogging. You are paid per post. Once your application is approved, you are given access to companies that would want you to write about their products. Having good niches to blog on is important for success. Go here for a list of profitable niches to blog on
6. : This website connects you with advertisers who will sponsor your blog activities. You simply post to your blog and get paid. For tips on how to make money and succeed in good time visit here .
7. : Here you are paid based on useful tips which you give. The more tips you give the more money you receive.
I trust that you have been blessed by reading through this article. You may get more tips by visiting this blog regularly. Thank you very and may God bless you.

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