Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Step 1: Know what you want
For success to be achieved in any area of life, it is important for you to determine what you really want to achieve in that area. What you really want must be such that you desire so much and you are willing to do anything to see it achieved If this is not done, there will not be sufficient force to motivate you towards achieving the goal. Are you really interested in achieving success in no time? Visit http:// for a list of good books that can change your life for the better.

Step 2: Write the goal down
The next step is to write the thing you want to achieve down. This simple exercise helps to make the goal conspicuous to you and it helps you to maintain focus. Experts advice that for this writing to be meaningful, it has to be as detailed and specific as possible. For example, “I want to make a lot of money” is not as detailed as “I want to attain an income of 2000 dollars monthly by 31st Dec. 2015” is more detailed and specific. To further enhance the effectiveness of what you have written, put it in a place where you can see it all the time. All these processes help the mind to create a mental image of what you really want.

Step 3: Give yourself reasons why you must achieve your goal
Without sufficient reasons to achieve your goal, you are likely to lose the desire when you encounter an obstacle or difficulty.

Step 4: Break the goal down into small tasks
It is important to break the big goal into small and manageable tasks, all leading to the achievement of the big goal. Start immediately to perform the tasks as listed and don’t wait for the ideal time to start.

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