Friday, April 29, 2011


Looking at the population of people in the world today, we find that the extent of poverty is very high. Most people are near to their retirement and yet do not have reserves. One of the reasons for this state of things is the wrong attitude of people towards riches and wealth, particularly children of God. People tend to feel that it is wrong for people who are close to God to be financially rich. This article highlights seven reasons why God wants you to be rich.
1. God has pleasure in your financial prosperity: Reading in Psalm 35 verse 27, we saw that God has delight in the prosperity of all His servants, including you and me.
2. God specifically promised it: In Deuteronomy chapter 28 verse 12 we saw where God said we shall lend to nations and we shall not borrow. We are aware that God is faithful concerning His promises, therefore we expect people that obey God to be rich enough to lend to nations.
3. Christ paid for our riches: in 2Corinthians chapter 8 verse 9 we read, ye know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ that, though He was rich, yet for your sake he became poor that ye through His poverty might be rich.
4. God wants you to have more than enough to be able to contribute to His work: The work of God needs money to execute and the money will be contributed by all His children, including you.
5. God wants you to be rich to be able to provide for your family: Paul said anyone who cannot provide for his household is worse than an infidel. I know you as a believer would not want to be called an infidel. This is one reason why you must be rich.
6. God wants you to have enough money to be able to help the poor: There are poor people around us all the time, and the intention of God is that these people must be helped, you obviously would not be able to do that if you don’t have enough money
7. God wants you to be rich to be able to pay your taxes and other bills: In Mathew chapter 22 verse 21 Jesus commanded us to render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God.
Looking at all these reasons, I am sure that it is God’s will that all of us who are His children would have enough money to take care of al our needs.

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