Saturday, May 14, 2011


In the last article I wrote, I emphasized that it is God’s will for all of us to be rich and I provided seven reasons why I believed God wants us to be rich. Today I shall be dwelling on the reasons why you are not rich yet, despite the fact that you ought to be rich. The reasons are as presented below.
1. You don’t believe that God’s people should be rich: It is a common misconception among Christians to feel that one should not be talking about money. Many people take the teachings of the bible concerning money out of context. For this reason they don’t like talking or discussing money and riches. If this is true with you, it is certain that you cannot be rich
2. You never define the amount of money you want: It is important for you to decide the amount of money you think will make you fulfilled.
3. You never make plans of how to get the money you want: It is not enough to define the amount of money you want, you need to make plans of how to get the money. You may need to acquire new skills which could be sold to obtain money.
4. You never follow your plans: Having made the plans about getting money, it is important to follow the plan as much as possible. There may be needs to amend the plan as you progress. But if the plan was not followed nothing will happen.
5. You probably make plans that are abstract and not practical: If your plan is impractical or the financial goal appears intimidating to you, you will not follow the plan you have made.
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