Tuesday, January 15, 2013


RULE 4: kEEP IT UNDER YOU HAT: Having formulated your wealth objective,dont tell anybody about it. There are people who will discourage you if you tell them about your objectives. You can ask for advice when necessary. RULE 5: Analyse your money beliefs: Some people believe that money is dirty and evil. People who hold such views can hardly be wealthy. Analyse your money beliefds and discard all those that are negative. RULE 6: Lazy people cannot be wealthy: Getting wealthy involves hard work. Therefore prepare to work hard on your objective. RULE 7: Wealth is a consequence not a reward: Know that money is a payment for something. Therefore get ready to give something for which you would be paid. RULE 8: WEalth is your friend not an enenmy: When you are rich,you would be in a position to help so many people around you. RULE 9: Decide why you want money: Knowing the reason why you want money will keep you motivated to pursue your objectives. RULE 10: Know that you may have to spend money to get money: You need to spend your money in investments to be able to get more money.This is very important. See the strategies for correct investments here. If you are interested in learning what the rich people teach their children,click here to get the information. RULE 11: Dont see money as the solution to all your problems: Money is good but it cannot solve all problems. RULE 12: Making money should not prevent you from enjoying your job,your family and sweet sleep. If you have started losing sleep,you need to talk to yourself. RULE 13: Dont make money by being bad: What is the value of money you made when you lose your friends and loved ones because you are bad? Think about this. RULE 14: Money may not necessarily bring happiness: Having more money may not necessarily make you happier than you are now. Do you really want to be happy while making money? Have a look at this book and develop the millionaire's mindset RULE 15:Know the difference between price and value Price may not necessarily be the same as the value of a product. Get this important book and read the remaining rules in part one of the book

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