Saturday, January 12, 2013


I came across a book recently with the title "Rules of wealth". Having read through this book,i feel like sharing the contents with my readers. RULE 1: Anybody can make money It is common for us to believe that rich and wealthy people have special attributes that enable them to make money and be wealthy. This rule is simply saying that anybody with average intelligence can make money and be rich.You can read the book here RULE 2: Decide on your definition of wealth You are the one who decides what wealth means to you. Making this decision will enable you to set a goal and pursue your goal. It will enable you to know when you have attained your goal. Do you know how to generate multiple streams of income? Click here RULE 3:Set Your Objectives Having decided your definition of wealth, you need to set your objectives to be able to achieve that wealthy state you have defined. I will continue the other rules in my next post. Meanwhile,if you really want to learn how to generate automatic wealth and attain six figure income,click to follow all the links in this post. Thank you very much

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