Monday, March 2, 2015


Investing in shares has a lot of benefits. In this post i will attempt to discuss the benefits of investing in shares.
1. A Means of Saving for the future: It is not feasible to leave your money in the bank untouched. Even if you can discipline yourself to leave the money in the bank untouched, the money loses value over time. Instead of keeping your money in the bank therefore, you can spend it to buy shares. The values of such shares can only increase with time. Read Multiple streams of income to get more facts about what i am saying. No matter how small the money you have you can always invest in shares as different from investing in real estate that involves a lot of money. Get ideas on how best to invest your money from RICH DAD POOR DAD and you will not regret buying this books.
2. A Means of Getting Regular Passive Income: If you pick the companies very well, you will be able to get regularly from dividend payment. To learn more about the stock market, i urge you to get these books: HOW TO MAKE MONEY IN STOCKS and THE NEATEST LITTLE GUIDE TO STOCK MARKET INVESTING .
3. Share Records can be used as collateral security: If you want to obtain loan from a bank, the record of shares that you have can be used as collateral security. The only thing is that yoiu will not be able to sell those shares until you finish paying the loan
4. A Means of Increasing the value of Your Money Over Time: If you simply keep your money in the bank, the value reduces over time. This is normal. If you decide to invest ion shares, the value of the shares tend to increase over time. Firstly, you get bonus shares which help to increase your money. secondly the value of individual shares also increase with time.

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