Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Survival Tips During Bearish Market

Prices of Shares Going Down? Don’t Panic. It is a Blessing.
Looking at prices of shares these days, it will be noticed that the prices are very low compared to what they were around this time last year. For all categories of investors, particularly those who invested for short term expecting capital gains, it may be a source of worry and stress. It is actually a blessing in disguise for the following reasons:
  1. Low prices is an opportunity to buy more shares cheaply: The fact that the prices are low now compared to what they were before is an opportunity to buy more shares with the same amount of money. Last year for instance, if you want to invest N10000 to buy 10000 units of company X’s shares at N10.00 per share, that same amount of money will procure for you 15,714 shares at 7.00 per share.. In other words it is an advantage in the sense that you are likely to get more shares, more bonus shares and dividend payments, compared to when prices are higher
  2. Prices are not going to remain low for ever: Observations of price movement of stocks over the years indicates that there will always be fluctuations, no matter how perfect the market is (Read (MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME to see relevant charts illustrating this fact). In fact, falling prices should be expected on the average of every ten years. The good news is  that the period of low price is usually  followed by a period of increase in price when all the so called loses will be recovered. This is the reason why you should continue to invest in shares even when the prices are low. I have always advised that you should not invest borrowed money if you are investing for short term.. If prices go down you can decide to hold your stocks for as long as possible if you invested your money. Since the invested money is yours, you will not be under pressure to pay back or to sell the shares at a loss.

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