Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Investing in stocks is one important way of preparing for the future. It is unfortunate however that many people know so little about the stock market and how to invest. This article highlights the steps involved in investing in the stock market in Nigeria. The steps are also applicable in other countries.

  1. Read Books and Magazines on investment: The first step towards profitable investment is to read relevant books and magazines that focus on how and what to invest in. An example of such book which I found very useful is MULTIPLE STREAMS of INCOME. The author discussed extensively the importance of investing, how to obtain money for investment and the relevant things one can invest in. One important area he discussed was investment in the stock market. By reading as many books as possible, you will gain relevant knowledge on the working of the stock market, the risks involved and the ultimate benefits.
  2. Save Money: Investment of any kind involves money. It is not the best for you to rely on loans as the major source of funds for investment in the stock market. This is particularly true if you are investing on a short term, hoping to sell the shares when prices increase. You will not be under stress to pay if prices did not appreciate soon as expected. You should set aside at least 10% of your income for investment.
  3. Decide on which category of investor you want to be: There are two categories of investors in the stock market i.e. short term investors (stock traders) and the long term investors. The short term investors are interested in getting an increase in price ; and when that happens, they sell and make gains. The long term investors on the other hand are ready to hold their shares for as long as possible. They are not interested in immediate gains; but they are interested in getting bonus shares and regular dividends. On the long run prices o f shares are going to appreciate. On the short run, the behaviour of the market is usually based on fears, news, speculations and rumours. On long term however, the earnings of each company will determine whether the prices will go up. I will continue the remaining steps in part two of this write up.

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