Thursday, February 5, 2015


For  successful investment long term, I will highlight the strategies that must be followed to achieve success in this article.
  1. Be ready to hold your stocks for as long as possible: Right from the day you buy your first set of shares, make up your mind that you are going to hold those shares for as long as possible. Study the dividend and bonus record of each company for the past five years and make a choice to pick those companies. Though past records may not always be repeated, yet companies that have been able to pay dividends for at least 10 years consecutively are likely to continue to do so for another five years at least.. Since you are investing for long term, you are sure of getting some income as the years roll by.
  2. Sell those shares that did not meet your expectations: You may not be 100% sure of realizing your expectations for every company’s shares you bought. My recommendation is that if a company has not paid you dividends or given you bonus shares for five years, it is better to sell such shares and use the money to buy others that fulfill these two goals.
  3. Diversify your investment: It is better to invest in more than one sector of the economy. It is like saying you should not put all your eggs in one basket. You know what could happen if all your eggs are in one basket
  4. Don’t panic when there are fluctuations in price of shares: In his book titled MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME, Robert G. Allen said that every investor should expect price fluctuations. Most of the time the downward movement of prices is a blessing as it affords you the opportunity to buy more shares cheaply. I strongly recommend this book. It has really blessed me tremendously
  5. Invest Day in-Day out: No matter what is happening in the stock market, make sure that you invest regularly. This is particularly true if the prices go down. You should know that the prices will not be down perpetually. Therefore keep investing.

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