Wednesday, February 4, 2015


In the first part of this write-up, I mentioned reading of relevant books on investment and saving of money for investment. This segment will highlight the remaining steps involved in investing in the stock market.
4.         Open a stock account with a stockbroker: Many investors only invest when companies declare public offers. They are not aware that they can buy shares on any working day. You should know that shares are being traded from Monday to Friday of every week. To be able to participate in the market, you must open an account with a stockbroker. Make sure that such a broker is registered and he is reliable. Once the account is opened, start buying shares of your choice. You must be aware that the market is categorized into sectors. Look at the various sectors and place orders based on your interest.
5.         Do your research before buying shares: You should know what your goals are before buying shares. The goals may be connected to the category of investor you want to belong to. Try to find out about each company before you buy shares. Be ready to hold your shares long term, if need be, and make sure that you invest regularly.
I came across a book which really explained more on this topic. It is titled
MULTIPLE STREAM OF INCOME. I strongly recommend this book to any would-be investor in the stock market

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